Kitchen and garden classes, Term 2



Students have been excited to jump straight back into kitchen and garden classes this term with the help of our new kitchen specialist, Miss Dimitra.

We have made a beautiful pumpkin soup with coriander paste, green salad with edible flowers, spiced carrot dip, Indian flat bread and a yummy brown rice salad with wilted greens.

There has been lots of  work to do in the garden to keep it flourishing.  We have been busy spreading  mulch, weeding, watering and planting new fruits and vegetables.  There is always work to be done caring for the chickens and cleaning out their chicken house but we have been rewarded with some yummy, fresh eggs.

Thank you to all of our volunteers in the kitchen and garden this term, any volunteer help is always appreciated.

Cleaning the chicken house
Yummy food!

Making carrot dip


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