Enrolment Information

Kindergarten eligibility

Children are eligible for enrolment in Kindergarten if they turn five years old by the 31st July.


Applications for enrolment are taken between February and May the year before children start school. The school begins offering places from the middle of July. Once parents have received a firm offer of place, they complete the Enrolment Form.The completed enrolment form and the following documentation are required before placement is confirmed.

  • Birth certificate or passport

  • Complete Immunisation certificate

  • Proof of residential address, (eg original copies of council rates notice, lease agreement, electricity account, statutory declaration or similar)

  • Students from overseas require passport and visas – restrictions apply on some visas

Out of Area Enrolments

Priority for enrolment is given to children who live within the school’s enrolment boundary and the siblings of current students. Applications for “out of area” enrolment are considered only if a vacancy exists in the school year for which enrolment is sought. 

NSW DET Enrolment Form

Enrolment Policy

Out of Area Form (Word doc download)

Walking, Drug Education and Child Protection Form

Community Language & Scripture Selection

Information Sheet New Students

Helpful Information For Starting School Booklet 2015

A-Z Information Booklet


Under the Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992, parents are required to present their child's Immunisation Certificate to the school when they enrol that child in Kindergarten. Children without certificates are permitted to enrol but MAY be excluded from attending school during an outbreak of a vaccine‐preventable disease. When the outbreak of that disease is over, excluded children return to school. 



Kindergarten orientation and transition to school

A Kindergarten Orientation day is held each year at the beginning of November with transition playgroups held over the following four Fridays in November. This allows the new students to become familiar with the school prior to their first day of school.

Kindergarten – the first few days

The school commences enrolling new Kindergarten children the day after students in Years 1 – 6 return to school. Enrolments are staggered over two days. The Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal welcome the new Kindergarten children and their families at 15 minute intervals and after a short interview, children and parents are introduced to the Kindergarten classrooms and the Kindergarten teachers. The Kindergarten classes are not formed until all Kindergarten children have been enrolled and teachers have some knowledge of the children. Once classes are formed (usually one or two days after Kindergarten enrolments are complete) the school sends a letter home to each family advising parents about their child’s class and teacher for the year.

Your child will need:

  • A school bag which he/she can easily open
  • A snack for ‘little lunch’ (recess)
  • A sandwich, drink and fruit for ‘big lunch’
  • An old shirt to protect your child’s uniform for art
  • A library bag
  • A hooded raincoat
  • Tissues of handkerchief
  • Spare underwear

Orientation and transition in other years

The school organises an Orientation session in Term 4 for all of the children transferring into Year 3 from the neighbouring infants schools. For other students entering the school, an orientation session is organised in consultation with their parents.