Parent Information


8:30am Morning supervision 

8:55am Morning lines, 9:00am School begins 

11–11:25am Recess

12:45–1:40pm Lunch

3:00pm School ends


Term 1 Wednesday, 27 January to Friday, 8 April

Term 2 Tuesday, 26 April to Friday, 1 July

Term 3 Monday, 18 July to Friday, 23 September

Term 4 Monday, 10 October to Tuesday, 20 December


School development days are the first day of Term 1, 2 and 3 and last two days of Term 4. These Days enable the whole school staff and interested parents to participate in a range of activities aimed at overall development of the school and the professional learning of teachers. Topics may include staff training on new curricula, teaching and learning issues, school and Department priorities, student welfare and long term planning for the school. On these days parents are requested to make alternative childcare arrangements for their children. Because these days are scheduled for the first day of school terms, parents are able to continue normal vacation care arrangements. The Stanmore Out of School Hours Centre (OSHC) opens on these days and provides care for those families who require it. 


School assemblies are held in three groups in the school assembly hall – K–2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. Days and times vary from year to year and parents will be advised of the arrangements at the beginning of each year. Classes are rostered to host assembly and to present items. Merit Awards are presented to students for quality work, effort or behaviour. Parents are welcome to attend assemblies, particularly when their child's class is hosting or presenting an item. 


Good attendance at school is essential if children are to learn successfully and that is why it is a legal requirement that students attend school every day unless they are sick or some urgent family circumstance prevents them from coming to school. Class rolls are marked at the beginning of every school day as an official record of attendance. The Department of Education monitors school attendance and follows up instances of high absenteeism and / or unexplained absences. When students are absent for all or part of the school day, parents are required to provide a note explaining the reason for the child's absence or via our Absence Notification form. If students are absent for more than two days they are required to provide a doctor’s certificate. Lateness to school is regarded as a partial absence and all children who are late to school are required to go to the office on their way to class and collect a Student Leave Card. 


The school has a policy on riding bikes and scooters to school. The focus of the policy it to ensure the safety of all students, including those who do not ride to school. Copies of the full policy are available from the school office. Students must dismount from scooters before entering the school grounds and they must be folded up and carried whilst inside the grounds.

Senior students, Years 5 & 6 – are allowed to ride to and from school unaccompanied, provided they have a school bike licence. Bike licences are available from the school office and must be signed by the student, his or her parents and the principal. They require an undertaking to maintain their bike in good order, comply with all relevant road rules and wear an approved bike helmet. Students must dismount before they enter the school grounds. Bikes must be wheeled to the bike rack behind the school library and secured to the bike rack immediately. The school accepts no responsibility for bikes left on the school premises during the day.

Younger students, K–Year 4 – are allowed to ride bikes to school only if accompanied by a parent. They also need a bike licence and are expected to comply with the same conditions. The scooters of younger students (K4) must be taken home by their parents during the day.


Homework provides students with an opportunity to consolidate their classroom learning experiences. It is also helps parents to follow the experiences and progress of their child at school. Each teacher provides a program of homework, which includes Home Reading. Ask your child's teacher for further information about homework. 


Kiss & Go Zone is located on Holt St, near the Library. Drop off in the morning is 8.30 – 8.55 and pick up in the afternoon is 3.00 – 3.10. If you wish to use the Kiss & Go Zone you will need to fill out a form at the front office or online, a name plaque will be produced and returned to your child, attach it you your car visor whenever using the zone. How Kiss & Go Zones work: In the morning, drive in, drop off and drive off. In the afternoon, drive in, pick up and drive off. When children are not there ready for pick up, drivers go around the block so traffic keeps flowing through the zone. Drivers must remain with their vehicles. Maximum time allowed in the zone is 2 minutes.


To prevent the loss of valuable clothing and other belongings, the school requests that parents clearly label all clothing and belongings that children bring to school. We return all lost property directly to students whenever the student's name is clearly marked on those belongings. When names are not written on belongings, they are sent to the Lost Property Box which can be found on the OSHC building verandah by the Cavendish St vehicle access gate. Lost property is held until the end of the term and then unclaimed uniforms are added to the Second Hand Uniform Pool run by the P&C. 


The school playground is large and provides a range of grassed and paved areas for the recreational activities of students. It is well supervised during all school breaks to ensure the safety of students. Four teachers are rostered to patrol the playing areas and supervise or provide assistance as required. Playing areas are clearly designated and school rules guide students' behaviour. During breaks, students are expected to play cooperatively and respect the rights of others to play safely without undue interference or disruption. Students who infringe on the rights of others may be withdrawn from play for a short ‘time out' to discuss and reconsider their behaviour. The school seeks the support of parents in promoting safe and respectful play and encouraging their children to solve problems that arise during play in peaceful ways or to seek teacher help. We also request that parents inform the school promptly if they become aware of any difficulties their child may be experiencing in the playground. Before school, the main quadrangle is supervised from 8.30 am and all students are required to go to the quadrangle on arrival at school. After school the quadrangle is supervised until all students have been picked up or until 3.15 pm.