Communication & Involvement

A positive relationship and good communication between parents and the school plays a significant role in ensuring the success of children at school. Stanmore promotes a positive relationship by providing a number of formal and informal opportunities for communication between home and school and for parent participation in their children's schooling.

Good communication between home and school is beneficial to everyone. The school organises a "Meet the Teachers" evening at the beginning of each year so parents can meet with their child's new teacher and find out about the coming year. There are opportunities for formal parentteacher interviews in June and other meetings are organised if needed. Go to Teacher Meeting Request form.

The school encourages parents to build a relationship with the class teacher. This strong relationship provides a strong foundation for the two-way flow of information about your child and for working through any problems that may occur. Your child's class teacher is the best source of information about your child's progress at school and will alert you to any difficulties. It is equally important to ensure that the class teacher is made aware of any developments in your child’s life that may affect his or her schooling.

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment (ring the school or go to Teacher Meeting Request form) if they wish to talk to their child's teacher or the Principal about any matters relating to their child's schooling. We also encourage parents to raise concerns sooner rather than later as early intervention is usually best.

It is our policy to ask parents what they think before we make any significant changes to school policies or programs and we regularly ask parents to comment on the school's performance. We do this through surveys, which are usually conducted online. At each P&C meeting our Principal or Deputy Principal report on what is going on at the school. We encourage parents to take these opportunities and tell us what they think. This makes the school more effective and more responsive to the needs of our community.


Assessment of student learning is a normal part of school life. It is used to inform teachers as to what students already know, how well they understand what has been taught in class and as a basis for reporting to parents. Assessment guides the planning of learning programs and can take many forms including written tests, assessment tasks and observation. Typically teachers keep records of students’ assessment results and discuss these with parents at parent-teacher interviews or on request.

The school reports regularly to parents. Our Meet the Teacher night at the beginning of the year informs parents about the program for the year and we send home written reports twice per year. There are opportunities for parent-teacher interviews after the reports are sent home and we encourage parents to take advantage of these opportunities. Class teachers contact parents at other times if there is a concern about a child's learning or behaviour. Parents do not have to wait for these occasions. You may contact your child's teacher at any time throughout the year via the Teacher Meeting Request form to find out about your child's progress at school or to discuss any concerns you may have.


The school will organise interpreters to assist parents who require such a service for school related interviews. Parents should notify the school whenever they need this service as the interpreters must be booked well in advance. Interpreters will attend interviews at the school and there is also a telephone interpreter service to assist in emergency situations. This service is free of charge to parents. 


Parents are welcome to participate in many school activities at Stanmore, including special events and selected class activities. Parents are also welcome as helpers – on excursions, to hear children read, to assist in the garden or kitchen classes, to talk about their job or special experiences. Parents are encouraged to assist the school with fundraising and to participate on committees that plan the school's programs each year. Participation and support of parents is very much appreciated because it benefits all students and helps build a spirit of community within the school. 

There is an active P&C at Stanmore Public School, which meets in the library on the third Tuesday evening of most months and all parents are encouraged to join. Meetings are a forum for parents to discuss important issues in relation to their children's education, to help school planning and plan social and fundraising activities. The Principal or Deputy Principal come to each meeting, keeping parents  up to date with plans and changes concerning the school, Department guidelines and policies, school grounds and business.

P&C run event: Movie Night on the oval


The Stanmore PS Facebook page is used for periodic updates about events at school and general school information. The Facebook page is linked to our Twitter account so the same information is shared on Twitter. Parents and caregivers should contact the school directly via email or phone for answers to any questions about upcoming events.